Human body is alive and its natural condition is a condition of balance. In such a state, the energy centres are open, unblocked, energetically in flow and life energy flows freely through the energy channels. In today's modern world, because of the "fast pace of life" the human state and body can slip out of balance and result in lack of Life energy, which is the most frequent cause for diseases and general problems in people’s lives.

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The human energy system consists of different kinds of energies; physical and subtle, the latter of which consist of the mental, emotional and ethereal levels. Energetic self-help influences the human energy system and its activity. The treatment of a client is focused on the active resolutions of causes for the problems on the energetic level, which caused the imbalance or lack of energy within a physical body. This kind of an active process gives the opportunity to free the flow of Life energy and enables new possibilities for changes in health and in psychophysical or any other field of life.

The first energy centre – the first chakra, is the foundation of our energy field; the main source of Life energy and the basic source of energy for all other centres. Its basic task is providing an endless supply of neutral Life energy from the Earth and providing and maintaining physical health and vitality.

Life energy

Everything consists of Life energy; human beings, nature, molecules, organs, thoughts and emotions. Life energy is everywhere around us and is necessary for everybody.

It is neutral energy of low frequency, strong and created in the centre of the Earth. All living beings need it to live and function. For a human to be in balance on a physical level, it is advisable he be energetically full and that life energy flows freely and unobstructed through their energy channels.

Life is here and now.

We strive all the time for our minds, souls and bodies to be in harmony.

Signs of the lack of Life energy

Signs of the lack of Life energy manifest themselves in an inharmonious state of health; as all kinds of diseases, from the mildest to chronic ones, in a weak immune system, allergies, etc.

If the physical body lacks Life energy within itself, this manifests itself as a feeling of constant tiredness and stress, lack of creativity, persistent worries, pessimism, problems of all kind, etc.

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Energetic therapist as a conductor for energies

An energetic therapist passes theoretical and practical knowledge onto the client and supports them to actively recognise their energy state, the causes for their lack of energy of the physical body and the reasons for fluctuations in their energy.

With this, the therapist creates an opportunity for changes and the client consciously creates his opportunities for self-help and self-healing. This way they learn from their own optimum how to become independent and achieve their goals in life. In their work an energetic therapist uses neutral Life energy called Matrix.

The techniques of the energetic self-help do not have an adverse effect on any other treatment.

Energetic exercises for active charging of Life energy

Energetic exercises are simple physical exercises which provide, charge with and strengthen the Life energy in the energetic and physical body. They are suitable for everyone from 13 years of age on.

After completing the exercises, a person has more Life energy, feels mentally, emotionally and physically better, is excreting toxins out of the physical body, observes daily productivity increases, gets a feeling of inner peace and stability, etc.

The person actively using the energetic exercises proactively works for their brighter future.

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