Reflexology is a type of a massage where the practitioner influences the reflex areas on their feet and hands by pressing on and massaging them. This kind of treatment is used for a variety of diseases, pains and problems with feet, back pains, digestive problems, headaches, irregularities of the menstrual cycle, stress and as a technique for relaxing the whole body.

A human organism strides towards an inner balance.


Refleksna masaža stopal, metamorfna tehnika. SXC
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The word “metamorphosis” means transformation/change. The metamorphic technique is a simple and efficient technique for internal transformations in connection to personal development.

It is used with traumas and fears, restlessness and hyperactive children, tired children, for better concentration, better relationships and for improving attitude towards oneself.


Refleksna masaža stopal, obdelava čaker. SXC
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A balanced life needs a balance on the energetic level. With the treatment of chakras, we create harmony between the energetic bodies and spirit.

This technique is used for balancing the energy, which improves the overall feeling and initiates self-treatment, based on a treatment for the entire foot or palm.

A technique for nerve points

Refleksna masaža stopal, protibolečinska tehnika. SXC
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A technique for nerve points is part of Reflexology. It is a technique with which one stimulates their neurological points and activates a mechanism which works as a pain reliever and removes motor and functional disturbances causing the pain.

It is used with eye, teeth and spine problems; it removes pain due to a "tennis elbow" or working with a computer mouse; etc.