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Energetska medicinaAvtor: SXC

Think positively today to live positively tommorow.

Energetic self-help is scientifically classified and is called Integrative medicine. It is one of the most recommended paths in contemporary medicine. It combines the newest scientific and technological achievements, connected with the new millennium, with the old traditional knowledge of ancient civilizations and cultures.

Marjana Romanović,

Manager of wellness activities, National job qualification in Reflexiology and a therapist of the Energetic medicine

The course and the National job qualification in Reflexiology attained at the Higeja-school for masseurs and therapists under the teacher Nada Tomažin-Dokl. Studied the field of Energetic medicine under dr. Suzana Landripet.

Regular knowledge and experiences are constantly being upgraded through additional courses.

Marjana Romanović