A human being has the strength and opportunity to change oneself at every moment of their life, here and now. They can restore the mind and the body into the state of harmony and open themselves to a joyful life. One of the key elements to achieving this state is Life energy coming from the centre of the Earth.

Energetska medicinaAuthor: SXC

A positive mind and a harmonious rhythm are quite rare in the modern times. Stress is an everyday companion and a human being looses touch with their inner and spiritual state on a day-to-day basis.

Today more than ever Life energy is needed in a person’s active life and how to charge one’s body with it is a common question.

One of the ways is to proactively use the "energetic exercises", ki mu jih predstavi energetski terapevt. Two other options are Reflexology or practicing of Yoga. All of these practices and treatments are supportive of one another and of the other healing practices and classical healing treatments.

We can efficiently overcome the lack of energy and life at every moment.